Welcome to Natural Wonders Wood Work

We hope you enjoy our beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of art! All of our products are completely natural, never using any chemicals, varnishes, or urethane.

Closeup of a carpenter hands working with a chisel and hammer on wooden workbench

Handmade Pieces

Our furniture, decor, and stones are handcarved, and we make our soap by hand from 100% goats milk.


Exotic Woods

We use Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar, Teak, Chinese Fir, Acacia or Monkey Pod, and more for our gorgeous creations.

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Unique Features

Because of the uniqueness of our woods, no two pieces are ever the same - which means your item is always one of a kind.

Natural Wonders since 2007

Root and burl carving has been going on for thousands of years, and one of the reasons is that the roots and burls of the trees are basically free for anyone that wants to dig or cut them off. Permission is required from the land owner or company who logged the trees, but other than permission, bring your shovel or chainsaw and help yourself.

Once the roots are dug up or burls cut off. The people who work the forest or lumber companies bring their bevy of wood into the carving towns and sell them to whoever is is in the market for these exotic woods. Representatives from the different carving companies will examine a persons lot of exotic woods and make a bid. The highest bidder wins. Once the carving house has taken possession of the roots, the next phase carving and creating that special piece begins.

Usually a good inventory of exotic woods (roots, burls, drift woods) is maintained in their "raw state", selecting from the inventory the particular wood and sizes of wood that is needed to carve any particular piece.

The first step in the processing is a high pressure, outdoor water wash to remove all the dirt and stones from the wood. Then the carver will select individual roots/burls based on size and structure to carve  what he might be inspired to make.

The lower portion of the root that was mostly underground has the most texture, grain, and character, and this is the part of the wood that is carved into many beautiful pieces.

The upper portion of the root where the tree was cut is sectioned off into smaller pieces that are carved into plates, or platters. Because no two trees are exactly alike, the color and shape of each basket or bowl is unique.

The type of soil and growing conditions determines the color, and shape of the final carved piece. Because each is such a unique carved wood piece, they make excellent wood decor accent pieces.


Our Tools

Once a carver has selected a root or burl to carve, the rough carving can begin. A chain saw is used to rough the piece into shape.

Then other power carving tools are used to further refine the shape of the piece until it is in its basic final form. Final hand shaping with chisels and the fluting of the pieces edges gives each piece its unique final shape.

At this point it is taken off the rough carving bench and moves on to the next step in processing.

We use different blades for different types of woods, For more information of these types of tools we highly recommend Arbortech Tools Usa Corp.

Reclaimed, Recycled, Repurposed.